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Structured cabling is the copper or fiber optic cabling wiring that make up your network. These cables connect your computer, phone, wireless access points, cameras, copiers, etc. to your data and phone network.  These cables can also provide power to devices, such as cameras, wireless access points, and phones, using power over ethernet (PoE) technology.

Many organizations rely on their cabling infrastructure to run necessary systems every day. From internet to telecommunications to security, an expertly designed cabling system can help improve system functionality, versatility, and efficiency. We work with our clients to design and implement a comprehensive end-to-end data networking solution utilizing cutting edge technology including wireless and fiber-optic networks.

Since the structured cabling infrastructure is the most critical part of your voice and data network, choosing a qualified voice and data cabling provider is a critical decision. Bedrock Premises Solutions installs all projects to TIA/EIA-568 C, IEEE, and BICSI standards with certified installers.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a physical layer infrastructure capable of supporting all applications designed in conjunction with today’s standards. By taking time to listen, study your business and understand your goals, Bedrock Premises Solutions can install a complete voice and data cabling solution with service and support during and after the installation.

The types of structured network cables we use:

Category 5e: Designed for high signal integrity, this twisted pair cable is ideal for computer network cabling and cabling for basic voice services.

Category 6: Backed with stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise, Cat 6 cabling is used to carry the following connections: Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, and 1000Base-T.

Category 6a: Performing at improved specifications, Cat 6a is the latest standard for twisted pair cable systems and is defined at frequencies up to 500 MHz.

Multi-Mode Fiber: There are two types of multi-mode fiber — 62.5 um and 50 um, which are ideal for premise applications with links less than 1,000 meters for 100 MBs or less, 550 meters for data rates of 1 GB or less, and 300 meters for data rates of 10 GBs or less.

Single-Mode Fiber: Single-mode fiber cabling is ideal for bandwidth requirements or distances that exceed the multi-mode cabling’s capability.

Testing & Certification

Your structured cabling network will be tested and certified to manufacturer and BISCI standards. Our technical team uses FLUKE cable analyzers to test and certify your copper and fiber network cabling.

Our installation team is trained and certified by our manufacturers and BISCI to provide the highest quality structured cabling installation. This approach guarantees a worry-free, dependable voice and data cabling solution. Bedrock Premises Solutions technicians are OSHA-certified and maintain a safe work environment.

Bedrock Premises Solutions engineers can work with you to create a structured cabling solution that will meet your voice and data network cabling requirements for today and the future. We specialize in recommendations for new construction or your existing facility. Contact us today to learn more about what we would recommend for your business.


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